Chicken Broth and its benefits

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I like to give generously and I get pleasure in seeing others enjoy my food and my ideas. I am sharing my ideas with you ‘the Simply-Sarj-way’, that is, with honesty and a passion for making good food for others and providing excellent customer service.  My family and I have tasted my products and we believe there is a market for them.

My pleasure lies in knowing that my products help the community too.  I am new to blogging and despite my ‘hi-tech limitations’ I won’t let anything keep me from sharing my ideas with those who may wish to benefit.

Over many years of working in supermarket as an in-store cooking and product demonstrator I have seen gaps in the range of food supplied on our supermarket shelves and so I am creating recipes to fill them because, for me, the time is right. The way I see it, necessity really is the mother of invention and I continue to see needs  in the food supply industry that have not yet been met and so I have invented four solutions to meet these needs.

I mention here the first of those four and I have called it simply ‘Chicken Broth for Asian meals’. The packaging of this product is at an ‘ideas stage’ at the moment, with fine-tuning to follow in order to appeal to a wide demographic of consumers. I hope to have my products available for sale in supermarkets in three ways:

  1. in a returnable glass bottle from the cold fridge (see picture in related post),
  2. in cartons on shelves and (see picture in related post);
  3. in frozen blocks from the freezer aisles (see pictured above).

I like the idea of bottles because when customers return a clean bottle to the supermarket they can receive a refund (as an example) and the bottles can be picked up during the manufacturer’s next stock delivery for reuse; this will help the environment.

What I really want now is to let people know that I aim to get my products, such as my Chicken Broth, made and packaged by manufacturers so that customers can buy them in their local supermarket.

For manufacturers who see the potential, I invite you to talk further with me. Please see the bottom of this page and leave an email contact so I can get back to you (or contact me).


What is it good for?

This broth can be used as a base for many famous Asian dishes  such as Laksa, Tom Yum,  Mee Soup, Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup, Hainan Chicken Rice, Risotto and Wombok Wrapped Chicken & Mushroom in Chicken Broth. My entree dish pictured above is also made with this broth. Most of these well known recipes and my version of it can be found in my latest book or via my ‘recipe’ site. The broth alone can be drunk as a soup or just as an invigorating drink with or separate to meals. I personally believe it can help weight loss too because the body is satisfied with the liquid nutrition that the broth provides and I intend to trial it myself.

Here’s a little more info about this Broth. This is the sort of mixture that many from Asians countries would use to keep themselves healthy, especially women in their post-natal months, to recharge their bodies and aid a speedy recovery. When growing up in Malaysia I observed that a little drop of brandy in this warm broth would soon sooth many ailments. I personally know that my husband and I keep colds and flu away from us, especially in winter, because this broth is an integral part of our mealtime food and we don’t seem to get as sick as often as other people we know. Wouldn’t it be great if other people could have that kind of protection too?

I wanted to market this product to my previous employers but I think it was too early for them to visualise then. I believe the time is right for me now to deliver my ideas to help customers to benefit, and manufacturers to expand their range.

As followers of my blog, your opinions matter to me so please feel free to leave  a comment below if this product would appeal to you. Do you think this would make your own Fusion Cooking easier?

Thank you.


Get in contact

If you are a manufacturer who sees potential in my products and the Simply Sarj brand, please leave your contact details below.

I am excited to work with anyone who shares my passion for fusion cooking.

  1. posted by Voula on August 31, 2013

    The like the sound of the broth as I could use it in many different ways in my cooking. I also like how it can be a substitute to a warm drink when I”m feeling down or just to keep healthy.

    • posted by Sarj on September 2, 2013

      Hi Voula, Thank you so much for spending time to view my products and recipes. It’s comments like these will keep me producing recipes and products with love. I hope my products will be made available soon for your cooking need. Thank you once again! x


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