My OGG Concentrate (Onion Ginger Garlic)

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Here’s another product creation that I am really proud of:  OGG Concentrate! 

OGG Concentrate is simply Onion, Ginger and Garlic combined together with three other natural ingredients and slowly cooked to fuse all six flavours together in harmony. It is ready to add to any type of cooking that calls for these three ingredients.

I have put them together to make a cook’s life easier when making Asian meals especially where lots of time is spent in preparation and cooking. No dish in my family in Malaysia would have been complete if it didn’t have onion, ginger and garlic along with a chili or two if a hot dish was preferred.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about what my  life was like when I was growing up.

Meal times in our large family were pretty hectic for mum and we girls were expected to help with household chores, but the bonus of having a large family (with dozens of other ‘rellies’ as well) was that everyone pitched-in with meal preparations, Grannies, Aunties, sisters and cousins, and many hands made light work…..

Peeling onions, garlic and ginger was no drama at all when you had so many people helping you. As you can imagine most of these ingredients were very small in size and hard to handle and the quantity of such pungent ingredients meant that the atmosphere was filled with the smell and aroma of them and yes, we did shed tears while doing the onions, and we gossiped 🙂 and the time passed quickly!  I saw people congregating and helping each other whenever they were needed. Today I honestly don’t see this sort of thing happening as much.

I remember my first years in the West as if they were just last week. I had left a life in the East that I had known so well only to go to a different one in the West that I knew nothing about.  It was quite a shock for me to have to adapt to a Western way of life. In those days multi-media wasn’t what it is today and knowledge and information weren’t so readily available as they are today.  I had to learn the hard way on arrival. I couldn’t prepare myself much before leaving my country, so I adapted as soon as I could after I landed in the West. I can imagine how some people feel when they do the same today, except that most of them have the advantage of information that they can obtain through the ‘Net’ and  social networking which are literally at their finger-tips. Today many people travel because they can afford to start again somewhere else. They are wealthy, not only in money but also with knowledge, but there is a drawback to having everything done for you and that is the difference they experience when they have to start to live anew in a different culture and very much alone.

In my opinion life is easier in parts of Asia for many today, some don’t need to lift a finger to look after themselves because they have servants to do every chore for them back home, but when they arrive in the West they find that their life is not like it used to be before and now they have to cook for themselves because restaurants aren’t as cheap as they were in their home country and they have nobody in this country, which is so new to them, to look after them like they were before they came here. I know that many of them were doted on by family and servants in their old home, but in their new home they are very much alone and frankly quite useless at looking after themselves for the first time in their lives. So they find themselves in a strange place and having to learn how to cook, clean and take care of other domestic chores all by themselves. When you have been pampered into your adulthood it is definitely harder to adjust to a self-reliant life.

So, I have made products to help with this demographic. Recipes cooked with OGG will taste like they were made at home by their Mum or Auntie or Grandma I know what the Asian expectation is of a good flavour and that is why I have experimented extensively to recreate that quality in packages customers can buy locally. They can use them easily with no prior cooking skills necessary and save time in the simple process too.

See the photograph of one my recipes below; this was created in 23 minutes from start to finish using chicken ‘lovely legs’.

500g chicken lovely legs, 4 teaspoons OGG Concentrate, 20g curry powder, 1 cup water and 1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste and add curry leaves if preferred. Prep time 3 minutes, cooking time 20 minutes, cooked in a pan with the lid on.

If anyone reading this who knows how to cook curry they will understand the intricacies of producing an authentic tasting curry which requires lots of chopping, blending, stirring and cooking. I know how to do all this too but I like the idea of a simpler way being available not only for me but also for others. With my OGG concentrate there is no time wasted, in fact, a jar of OGG can even save you money because of it’s many uses and being a concentrate you will only need to use a little of it at a time.

My product packaging is still at the concept stage but it’s the quality of what’s inside the jar that I am more passionate about. See the pictured product and a curry below made using my OGG Concentrate.  Here’s another recipe for you that OGG would be most economical and a time saver and for the following recipe simply use 2 heaped teaspoons more or less of the OGG concentrate replacing onion ginger and garlic from the recipe  My OGG can be used as a condiment, and for all well known Asian dishes including meat and vegetarian styles of cuisine. And, if you’ve been given a boring meal made by somebody else just stir in some OGG to liven things up, a lot….  See Tags for the dishes that OGG will be delicious in.

Oh My OGG the curry cooked with this Concentrate is simply sublime!

Oh My OGG the curry cooked with this Concentrate is simply sublime!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about what my product has to offer!

  1. posted by Voula on August 31, 2013

    It looks great and the way you have describe the product with each recipes background is fantastic, It gives you a taste of what you get from each product and how you can use them in so many different ways. The picture looks great and colourful and you can see there are only natural ingredients. Fantastic Sarj, can’t wait to taste and start cooking with it.

    • posted by Sarj on May 17, 2014

      Hi Voula, Thank you so much for your on going support. I am so excited to tell you that I have finally made my 3 products available to the public via a market stall in my local area. 🙂


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