Peanut-free Satay Sauce

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How often do we find that someone is allergic to peanuts or products made with peanuts?

Below is a clever idea to have a sauce tasting like the satay sauce that I was brought up tasting in Malaysian cuisine but without peanuts. However it does contain nuts like almonds and candle nuts etc.

I have tried using my sauce in a variety of different ways; especially as a good tasty topping for all sorts of food especially when the food tastes bland.  So wake up your culinary taste buds and spice up your life by using my first three products  in variety of ways as described and it’s first taste-test to the public began since 4th May with positive feedback.  Every Sunday it shall be available for taste testing and also for purchase at the Freshview Market. 🙂

Pictured here are a few of its many uses in the meals that I have been testing weekly at home over many years for my family and friends; Laksa, Mee Goreng, Sushi topping, Cold Rolls filler, to flavour Noodle Broth, Rojak/Gado Gado, Dips, salad dressing and many more.

Freshview food sheet 1   Fresview food sheet 2

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