My article in Gourmet Magazine

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TOMATOE FILLED HALVED EGG PLANTS (vegan)4I am delighted to say that The Australia Times has kindly asked me to write recipes and stories for their monthly Gourmet Magazine. Since September 2015 I have been contributing my stories and recipes.

I also will be developing new recipes monthly using ingredients and produce from my garden and from the weekend markets where I demonstrate cooking regularly. You will also bring you my stories from places where I have visited and also intend to visit. My recipes are based on everyday cooking method and created with a minimum fuss and in as little time as possible.

I am looking forward to creating recipes using red meat, fish, chicken, vegetarian and vegan based. I shall include recipes from my cultural past and fusion of the East and the West. I am a large fan of savoury dishes but on occasion I intend to create some dessert and sweet recipes too.  So look out for these recipes in The Australia Times in their gourmet section by following the links below.







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