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It’s a year since we filmed 6NORTH in Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore in 16 days.

It was a remarkable journey that Stephen and I shared together and now with the magic of film editing we can share it with you. Plus you can read my blogs and see promotional clip videos on the Net on Simply Sarj on YouTube and Vimeo. The full length documentaries are coming along steadily. 6NORTH is an expansion of my book ‘My Recipe for Cultural Interchange’. I felt that after 18 years of looking after International student it was time that I went to their country to visit them and their families.

Keep checking my website for more updates an my Blog. Also, I am having a new App developed so that you can get updates sent to your ‘phone.

Stay tuned. Please share with others what’s already on offer on my website until my App is ready.

Cheers for now!

Japan cherry blossom.2jpg Japan family photo.3jpg Raito's Family.14jpgKorea with Reno's mum n auntieKorean restaurent with Reno's parents.1jpgLeaving Busan airport.3jpg

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