Sarj cooking at Bowden Plant4

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My journey to publish my book My Recipe for Cultural Interchange and then turning it into a video documentary 6NORTH by filming in Japan, South Korea (Busan), China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore  in 16 days has been both challenging and rewarding.

6NORTH documents a ‘host mother’s’ journey to visit international students  who have studied in Australia and now have returned to their home countries. It records their feelings and their family’s feelings about the experience plus it films their food and culture. Six episodes are currently being edited for release sometime next year.

At the new indoor market at Plant4 Bowden I will have the pleasure of introducing some of my food to customers on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I will have new recipes that have been influenced by my 6NORTH journey. Sweet, Savoury, Vegan and Vegetarian, Gluten-free and Dairy-Free.  I can continue to tell my stories to my regular customers by cooking especially for them.

My ‘Simply Sarj’ way of cooking began in the late 70’s in Jersey, Channel Islands and then in Adelaide from 1986 onward. When I lived in China and Borneo people tried my food and enjoyed it too. There are some old newspaper articles floating around from those early days, telling readers about how much I love to make tasty but healthy food for people to enjoy.

It makes me so happy that my food and my cooking style has won many hearts over the years.  Now everybody can come to my food stalls to try what’s cooking for the day,  so come and enjoy the food and the book! My stall sells Vegan and Vegetarian food only but my website has many meat recipes too. Come and enjoy my food and hear more about the journey, watch me cook or you can read my book if you have time!

Call me crazy but not only is my food varied, so is my life.  Some of you already know that I had the chance to play an extra’s part in a major movie that will be released next year by SA Director Anthony Maras! Yes, variety is my life!

I am looking forward to serving the community at Bowden with a variety of food and all things tasty and healthy.

To support our local South Australian Farmers I will purchase my fresh ingredients from Farmers markets. My goal is to buy Australian made produce a priority. I am open to suggestions so if you have a request do let me know.

The oils I use are mainly Rice Bran, sunflower and olive because that suits my style of cooking, which is fusion of Asian and Western. I also make my own concentrated vegan sauces that can be seen on my blog. These include OGG+T (onion, ginger, garlic and fresh turmeric), Peanut Free Satay (using almonds and candle nuts instead of peanuts) and Hot Sambal Relish (hot chili sambal for those who like it spicy).

I shall try listing ingredients on each recipe after it is made for this market so please check for allergy or any dietary concerns in person at my stall, or by logging on here.

If you require further information please don’t hesitate to ask me during your visit.

I am delighted to have my husband Stephen’s help possibly on both days, so don’t be shy to say hi!

I am also delighted to introduce you, Candice, my apprentice. She was an international student for 6 years. She likes to bake;  “Love Is Essential For Baking”, by Candice! She will produce her own signature cakes, cookies and muffins as well as red bean steamed buns, yum! During my mentoring I will be teaching her the importance of customer service, quality food, and HACCP in food safety. I am pleased that Candice wishes to learn how to run a stall and soon she will have her own wings to fly solo! Together we have put our love into creating our Chai/Tea Chiffon Cake and Chai/Tea Muffin crunch using my Simply Sarj blend of chai/tea and spices as it is in my cup of chai/tea and it complements my Mother’s Chai/Tea. Enjoy your cup of Chai with these goodies! I hope you enjoy them all.

Feel free to leave a comment or message re your visit here because I do love reading them and it will also help me to know how I can better serve you.

Instagram fans can follow me @sarjcooking, Face Book; Simply Sarj Kitchen/Cooking.

I am also a contributor of monthly articles and recipes at:

The Australia Times/Gourmet


Vegan noodles, fried, using my signature sauces. Ketcup manis, light and mushroom soy, tomato and sweet chili sauce. It is nice served with cut chili or hot sambal so please ask if you’d like it hot.



On the left are spinach or kale pikelets/patties (pan fried) it has my signature sauces for flavouring and gluten/dairy free using chick pea flour. On the right are my signature Onion & Chive Puffs (deep fried) contains yeast, wheat and created during my crowd funding journey of my documentary 6NORTH



Another signature created during 6NORTH documentary, Sweet Potato Dumplings in coconut milk, dairy free and deep fried in sunflower oil.



Signature Chai/Tea how my mother would make it. This has been part of 6NORTH journey and I have now turned it into ‘pull tea’ (teh tarik) as seen in Malaysia and Singapore but the combination of tea and spices are like my mother would have selected, I have selected Nerada tea grown in Australia and my chai is made with full cream milk with the added sweetness of condense milk, however please ask for Chai without milk if you would prefer it that way. I hope I have made my mum proud by presenting to you my combination and version of her chai/tea! If you like my chai flavour and would like me to make you some dry tea mix to make at home (like I do for my customers at the Farm Direct Community Markets in Lightsview) then message me 24 hours in advance of the market days.



Mee or Mi Goreng/Goring both are acceptable lingo depending on where you are in South East Asia. Thin Rice noodles with combination of my signature sauces and also contains, light soy, tomato, ketchup manis and sweet chili. Mild or spicy with some chili or sambal chili, this is almost gluten free minus bought sauces. If you would like it to be 100% gluten free then gluten free sauces will be used instead, please message me with 24 hours notice before that days market stall.



Chick Peas and Potatoes in Tomato and mild spices. A great vegan dish that can accompany Roti or Rice.



Vegetable Satay Curry, it contains Fountain brand peanut satay sauce.



Eggplant Tomato and Potatoes cooked with my signature sauces and some curry also.


You may see me cook you this simplest but yummiest fried rice made with my signature sauces which are gluten and dairy free and vegan. Egg can be added for individuals but please let me know in advance or if I am not so busy on the day I can make it so.


You will see me produce Dhal/Lentils of many variety on the day it will be pot luck e.g. what’s in season. So be prepared for all sorts of vegetable and lentils; chick peas, mung bean, yellow split pea, potatoes, spinach, kale, carrots, celery, beans, tomatoes, cabbage and more all cooked with my signature sauces.


Malaysia Rojak with peanut sauce or Indonesian Gado Gado has many coulours and shapes to it. My version will be a vegan version without hard boild eggs, prawns and so on. Other than salad vegetables I may add, pineapple, green mangoes, green papaya, Jicama and the sauce will contain ketcup manis and sweet chili and sambal. I am currently developing a spicy rice crunch topping for this salad, so stay tuned!


My Coconut Pandan Sago Pudding for a gluten and dairy free option. Topped with brown sugar and desiccated coconut.


Mungora! Haha yes this is my take on my mum’s mung bean battered dumplings made with purely mung beans, coconut and sugar. My recipe is without batter and not deep fried, and it is gluten and dairy free for that reason!


My curried parcels. A little like samosa. The filling inside is potatoes and peas suing garam masala, turmeric and curry powder, it also has onions, ginger, garlic and fresh coriander. It is deep fried in rice bran oil.


Puri (roti) is usually made on special occasion and they are deep fried usually in ghee but have used rice bran oil to deep fry it. It can be served with dhal or vegetables or plain if you wish so come and try something special to celebrate the Indian Festival of Lights called Divali.


“Love Is Essential For Baking” by Candice. It is a light and moist chiffon cake using my chai/tea and spices. Please ask if you require further info re spices.


“Love Is essential for baking” by Candice. Fresh fruit Muffins with crunchy topping of my chai/tea spices using seasonal fruits of the day e.g. apples, blueberries etc. Please ask Candice for any further questions.

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