Cooking Classes start from 24th March 20018

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Are you a beginner-cook? Or are you an experienced cook who still enjoys learning new things in cooking? If so do you prefer cookbooks or go to Google to find the recipes needed or do you prefer the old fashioned way of being taught in person?

If you like attending cooking-classes that’s about saving time and money but still make great tasting meals to impress then my cooking class may be just right for you. Each class encourages participation and we get to eat what we’ve made plus a complimentary drink is also included in the price of each class. All bookings at Eventbrite.

Some of you know that I have been cooking for many years before I came to Plant 4. You will also know that since I have been at Plant 4 Bowden I’ve decided to cook only Plant-Based/Vegan recipes of my own design.

This is because I want to provide affordable delicious vegan food that are interesting and tasty and easy to make with the versatility of my own concentrated sauces which I have developed via my own mixed cultural background.

I am touched that so many of you like my food so much that you are willing to wait for me to make a meal for you even when there are already orders before yours.  As you know my sauces make a meal in five minutes, but I am the only cook at my stall walking in my mother’s footsteps, and I thank you for your patience!

Thank you for bringing back your empty plates and for sharing your very supportive comments. It is this kind of feedback that encourages me to continue making new recipes and cook with love and compassion and to be mindful of everyone’s need.

Those who have come for my food at Plant 4 Bowden know that I am following in my mother’s footsteps by cooking vegan food respecting plants which can nourish us in body and spirit. I want to share those techniques with you so that you can nourish yourself and others at home.

My weekly classes are going to be based on ‘all things plant’. I will show you various time and money saving techniques for; budget meals, really tasty slow-cooker meals, gluten-free alternatives, all types of noodles, soups for the colder months plus how to use rice in cooking in many ways and even how to cook using every part of each vegetable in ways you may not have considered…. Stay tuned…my future classes will be posted here on my website and on my social media sites.

Here’s some cooking class photos that go way back to the late 80’s and hope to see you soon and create some new and future cooking memories!


Oodles of noodles

Class of 1989 with all things noodles.


Payneham class with J Roper

Late 80’s class at the Payneham Community Centre with class participation.

22nd Nov 1989 class

Lovely comment from a class participant.

3 sig sauces

Creations of my signature sauces made easy for quick meals for busy lives, gluten free and vegan.

Salad and puffs

Salad with fried bread, dressing assembled with my signature sauces.

Meat for vegans

Plant-based/vegan meals made easy.

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