Contestant on The Chefs’ Line Season 2 – Indian Cuisine – SBS Cooking Show

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TCL Indian week picBeing a contestant on the second series of The Chefs’ Line was both challenging and exciting!

I recommend it to anyone who thinks they have food they want to share with a wider audience.

This weekly show showcases what multicultural Australia is all about; through each contestants’ own food journey.

If you love to cook then tune-in to SBS from the 6th of August.

The Indian Cuisine week, which I am on, will air from Monday  the 20th of August.

At the end of each week there can only be one ‘home cook’ remaining to challenge the Head Chef!

You may know me well enough to know that I am not afraid challenges, so if you feel the same way then I recommend that you consider applying next year for the 3rd series of The Chefs’ Line.

In the meantime, join me at Plant 4 Bowden in Adelaide where I present my home-cooking to those who love Malaysian/Indian cuisine with influences from South East Asia.

Look out for my weekly cooking videos and recipes which are Plant-Based for vegan preferences, plus other healthy recipes from August.

When you view my videos and recipes please consider ‘Liking’ my Facebook;  Simply Sarj (@sarjcooking) and Instagram@sarjcooking posts, thanks.

Cheers and enjoy watching the show coming up soon!

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