Adelaide Central Market – My Plant-Based Cooking Journey continues

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My Plant-Based cooking is now available from the Adelaide Central Market.

Stall number 11 is located on the Eastern Roadway from the Gouger Street entrance. It is nicely decked-out in my favorites colors of pink and purple. Much credit to my husband Stephen for playing a major role in providing me with all the things necessary for me to keep cooking in front of the public just like I have done for the last 7 years.

I now have a lot more room, a lot more than I ever had when I was cooking for seven years in a space no larger than 2.5m x 2.5m.

My kitchen is open to viewers from both sides and I am cooking right in front of my customers and involving them in conversation whilst they wait for their ordered food, so you may watch me cook after you have placed your order. When COVID-19 and the requirement that we stay 1.5m away from each other are over interacting with each other will be more pleasant again. I look forward to things returning to normal again. My food is always hot off the wok and worthy of Instagram photo or two, let’s wait for that moment when we can sit down and share food with family and friends like we used to before but currently we must follow takeaway ruling. I have been blessed for your continued support, thank you for buying my takeaway meals.

Listed here are some of my takeaway meals beginning with snacks like: curry puffs, sweet potato donuts, occasionally apple chai puffs and my spring onion and chive Roti.

My takeaway-made-to-order meals have been everyone’s favourite; Char Kway Teow, Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng and also Beehoon Goreng which is also catching up fast as a favourite dish with many customers.

The colder weather has made some customers crave my Laksa and Pho!

My daily Pot-Luck bain-marie meals have also been very popular with my time-poor customers.

I have also been busy creating Pot-Luck freezable 5 or 7 day meals which customers order in advance. These customers place their order and pay in advance either by ‘phone or in person then pick-up later in the week. The range of Pot-Luck meals gives me chance to be creative in my cooking and these are mostly gluten free.

Stephen and I remain busy cooking, preparing, cleaning, serving and making sure that we have prepared enough of my signature sauces to add that special flavour to your meals. It has been hard work and we need extra time each morning so we open our stall from 10.30am. We will continue to do this until we can have our Casual staff on board again.

‘In This Together’ is becoming a popularly used phrase now. We have seen people being generous, kind and thoughtful towards others. We have our own story to tell……

We have created our own ‘Pay it Forward’ honor board.

We have all experienced how stressful our shopping has become these days, it is certainly not like it used to be. I have found that looking for regular ingredients has become a chore because the shelves are often bare and this makes me anxious because I need those ingredients to make my customers’ favourite treats. I question if I will be able to serve my community.  I happened to mention this stress to two of my regular customers as I was packing their takeaway meals.  We had a quick chat and agreed to observe the social distancing regulations as we said goodbyes. Several hours later they returned and presented us with 12.5kg sack of flour which they had searched was available in a distant suburb. They donated it to us so that we could keep continue to make our “delicious food like Roti, donuts and curry puffs”. They also added “thank you for staying open and providing us with some normality”.

Wow I thought, how kind, generous and thoughtful, ‘No, thank you!’

I happened to mentioned this story on Instagram/Facebook, and that I will happily cook them a meal/s when they returns next.. Hearing this story of generosity prompted one of our longest customers to offer to pay for 10 meals for other people to experience at my discretion. Shortly afterwards other customers did the same and so far we have been able to give away ‘Thank you meals’ to those who have kept our society going throughout these difficult times, our doctors and nurses, uniformed service men and women, also the homeless people who are finding it especially tough these days, those who have lost their income due to this virus, to victims of domestic violence, to the customer who ran a distance to kindly return the phone to a customer who left it by mistake on our bench after picking up her order, to The Food Print Experience at the Joinery on Franklin Street and more. I know Melissa at The Food Print experience has been paying it forward ever since she started her business, and now I had the opportunity to give her something in return for her generosity towards our community in need.

One person can make a big difference. This pandemic has taught many in our community to be creative, kind, generous, thoughtful and mindful in many ways. We have been dutiful and mindful in our work. We are aware of our fellow traders and their employees who are ‘doing it tough’ in these times. Our open kitchen is an expression of our ethos of being open to others, it’s about connection, and listening, even with the government’s social distancing rules. Drop by for a quick chat with us, we will be happy to serve you. Also, ‘thank you’ to our Customers and fellow Traders who have bought us hot drinks in recognition of our work.  We appreciate your generosity, it amazes us both, thank you from us both! xx


Large curry puffs – filled with potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin and peas in my blend of curry sauce, either deep fried or baked. $5 (won Chef’s hat trophy on the SBS The Chefs’ Line 2) I was honored to receive the trophy from Melissa Leong MasterChef 2020 who was then the judge on The Chef’s Line2.

Sweet Potato donuts – Sweet potatoes, coconut, flour, deep fried balls coated with sugar. My Signature dish $2

Roti – yeast based and flavoured with spring onions and chives approximately the size of a medium pizza $7 with topping of the day $12

Dumplings – filled with a mixture of mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, spring onion and coriander flavored with my signature sauce minimum 3 pieces with soy $6 add $2 for a Laksa or mushroom broth.

Any of the above combination is great as a party platter, request in advance.

Made to order $15 meals, approximately 10 minute wait unless ordering during peak times. Made to order meal option for Coeliac’s $17 but please state your dietary need accordingly.

Char Kway Teow aka Malaysian Pad Thai – Strips of flat rice noodles stir fried with combination of vegetables of the day and tofu, Flavored with my signature sauces, request for hot medium or mild.

Mee Goreng – Hokkien noodles stir fried with vegetables of the day, tofu and my signature sauces; hot medium or mild.

Nasi Goreng – ‘Rice’ fried, with vegetables of the day, tofu and my signature sauces; hot medium or mild

Beehoon Goreng – Rice vermicelli noodles with vegetables of the day, tofu and my signature sauce; hot medium or mild. This dish is also great as breakfast/brunch meal.

Laksa – refers to broth that’s made of coconut milk and served with Hokkien noodles as being the most popular, tofu, bok choy and beansprouts are a favorite veg combo for this dish. My signature laksa does not contain any shrimp paste or fish sauce. My broth is entirely plant based and gluten free with my own blend of fresh tomatoes and paprika for it’s colour and mildness as well as my signature sauces are the key ingredients to give it my own distinct flavor. Do request for mild, medium or hot. $14 or $16

Pho – My mushroom pho is another signature of mine where the broth is gluten free and totally relies on a combination of various mushrooms and it doesn’t use any added oil unlike the traditional Pho made of beef bones, fat and marrow mine is a good example of plant based and oil free broth. It is served with tofu, bok choy, bean shoots and combination of herbs available, hot medium or mild $14/$16

POT-LUCK – bain-marie meals are mostly gluten free. This is a creative way of using what’s available in my kitchen from range of lentils, chick peas and beans that gets combined with fresh produce of the day. Usually a range of two variety served over rice $12 or single variety over rice $10

5 or 7 day meals for freezing – are similar to my pot-luck idea and also mostly gluten free. My customers usually leave it up to me to put my creative skills to use. I have been told that what they received so far hasn’t been boring. Each meal will serve two served accompanied with rice, noodles or pasta and each meal weighs approximately 700g   $15

For pre-orders, catering platters general inquiry contact us via Facebook Simply Sarj Kitchen/Cooking  or Instagram @sarjcooking or via text message on 0422 714567  Thank you.

Please see photos of the menu coming soon… titled, Sarj at Stall 11 – Menu

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