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Simply Sarj Plant-Based Menu


POT LUCK lunch special (gluten free) – 2 Bain Marie meals plus boiled rice. Comprising of seasonal vegetables cooked with lentils/chickpeas etc $12 with topped Salad $14

Tofu Nuggets stir fried sometimes flavoured with curry sauce or in dhal/lentils. Samples of two meals


Cabbage and Mushroom Dumpling/s Raviolo – (boiled/steamed) minimum 3 pcs with soy sauce $6 Add $2 extra for Laksa or mushroom broth ($8) Add $2 extra for salad topping ($10)

Mushroom cabbage and carrot dumplings served with soy sauce or broth.

My signature Gluten Free Laksa (coconut milk broth) and Mushroom broth (Vietnamese Pho) available with noodles of your choice; Hokkien, Flat Rice, Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli) $14 or ($16 with two dumplings) topped with tofu, bok choy, bean shoots and fresh herb garnish mild or spicy.

My signature Laksa with or without dumplings and aromatic coconut broth.

Mung Bean thread noodles or no carb Konjac noodles available on request at $3 extra.

Nasi Goreng (fried rice) $15

Mee Goreng (fried noodles) $15

Bee Hoon Goreng (rice vermicelli) $15

Sample pics of Mee goreng left and beehoon goreng (rice vermicelli) on the right.

These are stir fried with vegetables of the day, tofu, bean shoots and my signature sauces mild or spicy. Gluten free sauces for a Coeliac at request add $2 extra

Char Kway Teow (Malaysian Pad Thai) – Flat rice noodles fried with vegetables of the day tofu, bean shoots and my signature sauces $15 Gluten free sauces for a Coeliac at request add $2 extra

This picture was taken during the auditioning of Channel 7 Series My Kitchen Rules, unfortunately I had to decline as ‘mother and son team’ during the very first series due to my son being accepted to do Honors in Physiotherapy and couldn’t be away for three months. This picture remains my favorite and also my favorite dish as a meal.

My Signature Roti, flavoured with spring onion and chives – (available from breakfast till sold out) $7 or with topping of the day $12

Curry Puffs (samosa) filled with potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and peas in curry my blend $5

Curry Puffs in short crust pastry are also my winning dish on the series 2 of The Chefs’ Line

My Fellow competitors on SBS’s The Chefs’ Line 2 where I was awarded the Chef’s Hat Trophy for my curry puffs (samosas)

Sweet potato donuts $2

Sweet potato dumpling or donuts as some refer to it. I created this 7 years ago during my initial food journey at the outdoor markets, it was a well kept secret until I started my next phase of my cooking at Bowden’s Plant4 markets.


Chai/Tea my own spice/masala blend and freshly brewed black or traditional $4

(Non dairy milk at request)

This is how traditional Chai was made during my childhood without the fancy gimmicks! Traditionally dairy is used.

Bottled spring water or Coke $3 (refrigerated $3.50)

Slice of cake of the day $5.50 (when available)

Vegetarian options are also available and phone orders in advance are welcome.

Catering platters and Gluten Free platters available at request (minimum 24 hours notice)

Just a sample of what your catering platter could contain with the gluten free option.

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Phone orders via text: 0422 714567 

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