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SarjWelcome to my blog! I felt the need to create it after finishing my book, ‘My Recipe for Cultural Interchange’.
If you have read my book then you’ll understand my reasons for the blog, and if you haven’t then I recommend you consider reading it because it has a lot of helpful advice.  I experienced a cultural shift of my own when I moved away from the East to live in the West and I am now the result of these changes, which have altered my outlook on life and yet at the same time reaffirmed some of my viewpoints and values.

Do look out for a very broad range of topics for discussion!

My Cooking

My cooking includes a fusion of East and West styles of cuisine, much like I am a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures as a result of moving from the East to the West to marry Stephen and then living with him in several parts of the world, finally settling in Adelaide. I had to pack up my home many times and start anew somewhere else, so I know what it feels like for somebody experiencing a new place that they need to call home.

Fusian cooking, made easy – the Simply Sarj way…

You will find some of my current cooking videos here at Simply Sarj, where I apply decades of experience working as a supermarket in-store food demonstrator and presenter. During all those years I had followers who were my customers and I was able to advise them about various fusion styles, cooking techniques, useful tips, variations and suggestions which current TV cooking shows are now only just touching on.
During those years my favourite regular customers were the tiny-tots who came into the stores with their parents. They liked me so much that they called me “Their Tasty Lady” and “The Cooker Lady” it still makes me smile thinking of this. I was pleased that I had made a positive difference in all of their lives and that they remembered me with such cute nicknames. Today those tiny tots and teenagers have now grown into young adults who are cooking for themselves and my recipes mean even more to them now! I still remember presenting my cooking to the parents of the now famous singing stars who lived in the North East of Adelaide!
No matter what your background everyone needs to eat and the saying; ‘Food warms the heart’ is just so true. I am pleased that I gave up my job and followed my heart to create my own career to write my book, blog, website and catering doing my own thing instead of working for employers who did not recognise my talents and potential. I was recommending things that were too ahead of them and they couldn’t see the value. My customers recognised my talents and that’s what kept me going in my last job of 8.5 years and I made a promise to them that I would persevere with my talent and make something worthwhile out of my own career. I owe it to them to produce my books, blog and my cooking videos.
My cooking-demonstration videos can be watched online whenever you want to see them then you too can try these recipes out when you feel like it. If you find that shopping for ingredients is boring, or that you just don’t know what you are going to cook this week to keep your family happy then try my recipes, I feel they’ll make things easier for you. They are for the most part quick, easy and reasonably priced.

I intend to make recipes with new products that may be demonstrated in supermarkets each week. If you are reluctant to test those products in stores from the demonstration ladies but you do want to try the product at home then watch my blog demo and then buy the product to experiment with it at home following my own recipe if you like the idea.

And now for something completely different!

My previous jobs

A long time ago I was introduced to Tupperware! I attended a party but felt that I could do a better job than the demo lady. When I told Stephen he said, “What do you want to sell plastic boxes for?” Well, seven years later after an independent career as a successful Tupperware manager his words were that I could sell sand to the Arabs and ice to the Eskimos.
You see, I take any job that I do or any opportunity that comes my way very seriously and I have never been known to back down from a challenge. When I see the potential in something my passion grows regardless of my current situation. I can get things done and see myself through any difficulties along the way by addressing the negatives and creating more positives. Some of the things I have done, and plan to do, may resonate with your own successes and future goals and if so I do hope that you will send me a comment whenever you feel like it.
Each week I will talk about regular topics and new ones as well. Some of the regular topics are listed below. Let me know what you want to talk about too.

Sarj. xx


About my blog

Topics discussed will include:

  • Food:  cooking
  • Reasoning behind healthy eating, meat, vegetarian dishes, beans and lentils etc
  • Home-grown, organic, home-raised chooks and their eggs
  • Obesity related to certain foods
  • Asian rice-based dishes instead of the wheat products of the West

Other topics will include:

  • Supermarket foods and service
  • How to bulk-buy and save
  • Near out-of-date stocks and its immediate use to create a meal
  • Budget meals: making the most of meals by budgeting and buying at the right price
  • Discussions on experiences of teenage or International students
  • Teenagers in the West and their behaviour compared with international teenagers
  • Peer pressure and poor self-esteem
  • Binge-drinking
  • Schooling: the importance of schooling and further University studies
  • Role models
  • Refugees: escape from persecution and their appreciation of freedom in the West and how they reacted to the need to integrate to survive in their new country
  • Homestay students & Homestay parents and their journey of adaptation
  • Migrant stories and their adaptation to our way of life
  • Families torn apart as a result of miscommunication and misunderstandings: it can affect any individual and family sending them into turmoil.
  • Over worked and under-paid: cost of living and mouths to feed working extra hours to make ends meet.

  1. posted by Sarj on October 26, 2016

    Wow, what a year! From writing, publishing, filming, editing, now I am cooking at the newly opened establishment called Plant 4 Bowden, Adelaide, South Australia. I remain hosting International students till now.

    At this new establishment I will also be mentoring a past International student who graduated from The University of Adelaide. Her love is in baking and cooking anything sweet. It will be a great moment when she gets her wings and flies in the direction of her solo business! 🙂

    I am also on Instagram these days so follow me to see my daily recipe photos @sarjcooking. Hoping I’ll meet you at one of my cooking days at Plant 4 Bowden. Cheers! 🙂

  2. posted by Carol Hayllar-Gray on February 11, 2018

    Hello Sarj. I was Jane’s friend in Brissie. I’m looking forward to tecieving your recipes.

    • posted by Sarj on February 11, 2018

      Hello Carol, how are you? It was lovely meeting with you. Enjoy the recipes that are on the website and I look forward to uploading more in the near future. Stay in touch and cheers!

      • posted by Sarj on August 9, 2018

        Hi Carol, in case you don’t hear from Jane’s children that I am on SBS TV on Monday 20th August called The Chefs’ Line at 6pm then again repeat of it on SBS Food Nework at 9.30pm I hope you will like what you see and I truly wish Jane was here to watch it too. Hope you are well and enjoy the show. xx


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