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Hi there, welcome to my Business Opportunities page where I discuss business opportunities with Simply Sarj products.

You may have read the ‘About Me’ page on this website so let’s discuss further my passion for creating my food which exemplifies my motto of ‘food that warms the heart’. So far, people who have tried my style of fusion cooking either at my home or during my classes or via my website know already what I mean but now I would like to extend that invitation to those of you in the business world who may be looking for something new, yet familiar.

On this page I will be revealing products which I am currently developing and I will also share with you some of my ‘light bulb’ moments which I feel deserve being shared and manufactured.

Some of my business ideas

Sarj cooking at Bowden Plant4

My journey to publish my book My Recipe for Cultural Interchange and then turning it into a video documentary 6NORTH by filming in Japan, South Korea (Busan), China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore  in 16 days has been both challenging and rewarding. 6NORTH documents a ‘host mother’s’ journey to visit international students  who have studied in Australia […]

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Prior to traveling to Busan if you had asked me ‘Where is Busan?’ I wouldn’t have been able to give you an answer. But on the other hand, if you had asked me about Seoul then immediately I would have said that it is the capital of South Korea! Well now I know that Busan […]

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FILMING OF ‘6NORTH’ Part 1/6 Kyoto/Japan

Welcome to my blog 1 of 6. Each week this blog will describe my journey through each of the 6 countries featured in my documentary 6North. But, not all of the information will be revealed. The blog will give you an insight into the differences of each culture and the student’s story I recorded. Therefore, this […]

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My Home-Made sauces – OGG – Hot Sambal Relish – ‘Peanut-Free Satay’

  Lamb Kofta. 500g minced lamb, 100g my OGG sauce that already has onion, ginger, garlic and salt. Mix well then wrap the meat around a skewer or simply use the non usable part of the Lemon grass stalks that you would normally throw out because the best part of lemon grass in recipes are the […]

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Hot Sambal Blachan

My 4th product Simply Sarj ‘Hot Sambal Blachan’ is truly remarkable in it’s flavour. In one of the two sambal varieties, it contains shrimp paste (Blachan), while the other is suitable for vegetarians. It can be used for famous Malaysian/Singapore/Indonesian dishes such as Sambal Ikan Bilis (as pictured), Mee Goreng (as pictured), Nasi Goreng, Rojak, Gado Gado, Laksa, Satay sauce and marinade to name just a few, but there are many more it can be used for. It is delicious and tastes just the way I remember when growing up in Malaysia.

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Hot Sambal Relish

You may have seen some TV shows where contestants are told to make their own Sambal from scratch. It is a lengthy process and quite hard work, and not as easy as it is sometimes portrayed. Traditionally the ingredients are ground with a mortar and pestle, today that work can be done with a blender but it is still quite labour intensive. I have made that easier by providing it for you in a jar for easy purchase when it becomes available for sale.

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My OGG Concentrate (Onion Ginger Garlic)

OGG Concentrate is simply Onion, Ginger and Garlic combined together with three other natural ingredients and slowly cooked to fuse all six flavours together in harmony. It is ready to add to any type of cooking that calls for these three ingredients.
I have put them together to make a cook’s life easier when making Asian meals especially where lots of time is spent in preparation and cooking.

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Chicken Broth and its benefits

This broth can be used as a base for many famous Asian dishes such as Laksa, Tom Yum, Mee Soup, Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup, Hainan Chicken Rice, Risotto and Wombok Wrapped Chicken & Mushroom in Chicken Broth. My entree dish pictured above is also made with this broth. Most of these well known recipes and my version of it can be found in my latest book or via my ‘recipe’ site. The broth alone can be drunk as a soup or just as an invigorating drink with or separate to meals. I personally believe it can help weight loss too because the body is satisfied with the liquid nutrition that the broth provides and I intend to trial it myself.

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My experience

I have spent many years researching customer preferences in supermarket aisles and I know what types of products they buy, and what types of new products they would buy if only they were available.  I learnt what most of those customers are seeking and I see gaps in the existing market, and this is why I am introducing my first product range which is tailored to local Asian residents, international students, migrants and newly arrived refugees. It would also appeal to Westerners who love the flavours of Asian cuisine. Asian cooking is popular at the moment particularly as demonstrated on TV, but there are some things missing and I want my products to fill those gaps.

I have written a book, ‘My Recipe for Cultural Interchange’, which is about our way of life here in Australia and it is intended for international students, migrants and refugees to help them adapt quickly to our way of life and can help them to learn how to be better accepted into our community from the moment they arrive. It is also for locals to read about foreign cultures so that they too can be better informed about the differences in cultural outlooks that people bring into this country. In my book you will read about how Asian migrants, students and refugees miss their own food that their families or servants made for them ‘back home’, and, that restaurant food doesn’t quite replace that feeling for them.

In the West it can be challenging for many of these new residents to adjust to their new environment where they have to start their lives all over again often without family and friends to help them. I know because I speak with them every day. For many of them I am their senior figure, or their ‘Auntie’ and they show me respect because I support their integration into the community. For example; did you know that the sort of chicken broth that I cook would have been given to someone in post natal confinement for their nourishment because it aids their recovery and prevents ailments? These are just a few things from my own Asian heritage that I am adding and I expect that much of it will resonate with those who come from that part of the world too. Many of these new migrants are familiar with respecting an Auntie who knows about life and they will buy a product made by such an ‘Auntie’.

Some competitive cooking shows on TV are making Asian cooking even more familiar with the viewing public but there is a need for everyday food that doesn’t cost the earth to buy or take forever to assemble. Most of us lead busy lives and we just don’t have the time to waste on lengthy recipes, and, most of us need to spend our money wisely and that is why I want to market my products because they will be accessible, will save time and be tasty.

I aim to market ‘Simply Sarj’ as an ‘Auntie’ figure, ‘Auntie Sarj’ who is an experienced mother figure and who knows what’s good for young people. She has put her heart into the recipes that make these products and that is why customers will buy them. Her customers will use her products and over the years their children will too. I am that ‘Auntie’ figure who helps them feed their family with tasty meals that fit within the household budget.

The products that I am currently creating are designed to make all types of Asian meals. These are not only good for a household but also café and restaurant quality for bulk orders. If you have the same vision and see my mission then please, let’s have a chat. Drop me a line at (or use the contact section below) and I shall reply to you as soon as I can.

Please visit my recipe section of the website for recipes that may take your interest and the blog posts regarding International Students, as well. There you will see more of the topics that I am passionate about, and the expertise I can share with my audience and customers.

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