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Sarj cooking at Bowden Plant4

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My journey to publish my book My Recipe for Cultural Interchange and then turning it into a video documentary 6NORTH by filming in Japan, South Korea (Busan), China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore  in 16 days has been both challenging and rewarding. 6NORTH documents a ‘host mother’s’ journey to visit international students...

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FILMING OF ‘6NORTH’ Part 1/6 Kyoto/Japan

By: | 0 Comments | On: May 4, 2015 | Category : Business ideas, Filming, Host families, International Schools, Interviews, Japan, Kansai, Kyoto, Media, My Recipe for Cultural Interchange, Osaka, Parents, Students

Welcome to my blog 1 of 6. Each week this blog will describe my journey through each of the 6 countries featured in my documentary 6North. But, not all of the information will be revealed. The blog will give you an insight into the differences of each culture and the student’s...

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