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13 minutes tops noodle3

’13 Minutes tops’ Balanced Noodle meal

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It is wise to spend an extra 10 minutes on making your 3 minute noodles to have a healthy balanced ...

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Katsu/Cutlets (Schnitzel)

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I say cutlets, you say Katsu, what's in a name, it's all the same!

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4 can sausage hot pot 1

4 Can Sausage Hot Pot

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It can't be hard when it's all in a 'can'!

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My Latest Host Family/Homestay Experience Part 1

By: | 0 Comments | On: August 6, 2013 | Category : Cooking tips, Fusion Foods, International Schools, My Recipe for Cultural Interchange, Parents, Students

Miyu & waterfall gully3

Hi there, I am pleased to announce that I am gathering momentum with personal growth as a blogger! This is my first time blogging. I feel passionate about everyday topics because that’s the way I am and I want to discuss them with others who also have similar interests. This...

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